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United Kingdom

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Richard Betts

Head of Content, Real Asset Media, United Kingdom

Richard is a Founding Partner of Real Asset Media and is responsible for content across the platform. Launched in 2019, Real Asset Media has a focus on trends, industry insights, strategy & research and the key factors driving markets and opportunities. The platform is a leading provider of in person, hybrid and online events, TV interviews, podcasts, and digital and print media. As well as running over 60 events a year, Real Asset Media hosts the successful International Investors Lounge at EXPO Real and publishes leading industry magazines Real Asset INSIGHT, Living Retail, Real Asset IMPACT and the new initiative RealFDI bridging the gap between institutional investment and cities, countries and regions. At EXPO Real we also publish EXPO Day as the daily newspaper of the exhibition. Richard has recorded over 1000 video interviews with leaders across the industry and has hosted over 100 editions of RealCast – the round up of the real estate markets. Richard started his career at Euromoney Institutional Investor before working with companies including FT Business, Eurozone Advisors, Property Investor Europe, and launched Real Asset Media after 7 years as Group Publisher at PropertyEU. Richard has moderated & created over 600 events events in Europe, USA and Asia and brings over 30 years of experience in financial markets, media, TV, events & publishing

Richard is also a Founding Partner of the Senior Housing & Healthcare Association (SHHA).

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Future of Tenant Experience: The Role of Tech in Residential Real Estate

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Social Impact Strategies: creating user-centred, ESG outperformance

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