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Mr. Treublaan 7

1097 DP - Amsterdam

The Netherlands

 +31 (0) 85 888 0786

Werner Paul Boerma

CEO, ParkBee, The Netherlands

Boerma is an experienced investor with a background in investment banking based in London and Amsterdam. He co-founded Stamford Partners, a specialist investment bank. He has been involved with ParkBee since 2015 as a supervisory director and since 2020 as CEO.
His expertise and experience has been put to valuable use in the execution of ParkBee’s strategy: capital raising, international expansion, and the development of ParkBee into a leading tech company. ParkBee’s social mission; making our cities liveable is particularly appealing to Werner Paul. Passing on an attractive world to his children is a personal motive to create a sustainable environment, to give space and greenery back to the city and to increase quality of life.

Cannes, FR

Mar 16

Club MIPIM ’22: IMPACT & ESG Networking Breakfast
Cannes, FR

Mar 16

Club MIPIM ’22: IMPACT, ESG & Sustainable Development

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