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Stationsplein 45

3013 AK - Rotterdam

The Netherlands

 +31 (0) 15 3642667

Sander Verseput

COO & CFO, Chainels, The Netherlands

Sander is a co-founder and COO/CFO of Chainels, a full-service tenant app for real estate companies. He has a Master’s degree in Real Estate & Housing Management and is passionate about bringing IT innovation to the industry. Sander and his business partner, CEO Erwin Buckers, founded Chainels 10 years ago to provide real estate companies with a platform to optimize property and asset management. They have recently expanded to over 400 communities across 16 countries and have assisted in the digitalization of operations for residential portfolios of Fuzer by Amvest and the retail portfolio of Multi Corporation. In 2022, they have also entered the travel hubs sector by serving Vienna AirportCity and the retail company behind Dutch national railways. Chainels is dedicated to lowering operational costs, improving tenant satisfaction, and adding value to real estate portfolios.


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