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Robert Heinemann

Managing Director Human Resources & Corporate Services, ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b.H & Co. KG, Germany

Robert has been Managing Director of the division HR & Corporate Services (Compliance & Data Protection, Corporate Communications, Corporate Insurance Management, Information Technology, Legal, Organizational Development, Sustainability & Internal Services) since 2017. His career at ECE started in the Corporate Communications section in 1999 where he held several positions including Head of Department and Spokesman. He was appointed Director of the section in 2006. He transferred to the Center Management division as Senior Director in 2013 where he was responsible for the operations of approximately 120 shopping centers in six countries. He also held several managerial positions at other subsidiaries.

In addition, Robert Heinemann was member of Hamburg Parliament for eleven years and takes an active role, among others, in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, HDE, in the German Council of Shopping Centers and the International Council of Shopping Centers, and in the German Economic Council. He is also member of the Executive Committee of “Lebendige Stadt” Foundation.

München, DE

Oct 09

“Agilität = Erfolg: Hält die aktuelle Zauberformel der Wirtschaft, was sie verspricht?”

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