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Strawinskylaan 3103

1077 ZX - Amsterdam


 +31 (0)20 5 405 405

Jorn Thoomes

Associate Director, Jones Lang LaSalle, Netherlands

Jorn A. Thoomes MSc RT (32) – associate director at Jones Lang LaSalle

Jorn is responsible for Residential Investments as part of the Capital Markets team of Jones Lang LaSalle in The Netherlands. Jorn joined the team in 2009, during the transition of the market from sales by tender procedures to deal closing transactions. Jorn works on sales mandates from several institutional investors like Vesteda, Bouwinvest and Amvest. He also initiated portfolio analysis, strategic advisory and the transaction service specially fit for housing corporations stepping in to the Residential Investment market  in The Netherlands.  Jones Lang LaSalle is one of the leaders in the market of transactions services specialized in Residential Investments. In the past ten years the internationale real estate advisor closed transactions for more than € 4 billion.

Jorn started his career at Troostwijk Makelaars as leasing agent in Utrecht. After a few years of leasing his interest grew for (re)development projects, due to the diversity and complexity of these projects. During these projects het started focussing on the residential market.

After the completion of his study Management, Economics and Law (Hogeschool Groningen), Jorn started his Master of Science in Business Administration at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. At this moment Jorn is the final stages of his study Master in Real Estate at the Amsterdam School of Real Estate. His master thesis is about the impact of the proposed reforms for the housing market in The Netherlands on the value and portfolio strategy of institutional investors.

Presentations and TV Report
Amsterdam, NL

Jun 04

European Residential Investment Briefing

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