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Wijnhaven 60

2511 GA - Den Haag


 +31 (0)70 3068400

Jan Eijkemans

Managing Director International, MAB Development, Netherlands

As part of the Rabo Real Estate Group, MAB Development is a leading and innovative European developer of commercial real estate and multi-use city centre projects. Our vision has been the key to develop leading projects for fourty years now. We are inspired by users and their desires and, on this basis, create high-quality and innovative multi-use city centre projects both in The Netherlands and abroad. For example, we provide city centres with sustainable and successful combinations of living, shopping, working and recreation. Retail is often a key ingredient in mixed-used developments.

Division of Rabo Real Estate Group
MAB Development is part of the Rabo Real Estate Group. The Rabo Real Estate Group is active in almost every sector of the property industry, making MAB Development part of one of the largest players in the European property markets. In addition, the collaboration with Rabobank provides access to an extensive network, both national and international. Rabo Real Estate Group, this international real estate business focuses on three core activities:
•Investment management

Rabo Real Estate Group is subsidiary of Rabobank, one of Europe’s prominent banks. Rabobank is the only private-sector institution in the world to have an AA- rating, which is awarded by Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s

Presentations and TV Report

Retail Trends Briefing, MAPIC

MAPIC, Cannes, FR

Nov 19

Retail Trends Briefing, MAPIC

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