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Handelsweg 59F

1181 ZA - Amstelveen

The Netherlands

 +31 (0) 20 545 20 50

Jaap van der Bijl

CEO, Altera Vastgoed NV, The Netherlands

Jaap van der Bijl joined Altera as CEO in November 2016.

Altera Vastgoed N.V. is a real estate investor for pension funds, insurance companies and other institutional investors. Since its inception in January 2000 with assets of € 750 million and four shareholders, the fund has grown to over € 2,6 billion AUM with over 50 shareholders

We serve institutional investors and offer them the opportunity to invest indirectly in Dutch property. As a non-listed sector-specific private property fund Altera manages portfolios within the framework of a single company. Shareholders have the opportunity to invest in residential and convenience retail at their discretion. The investment strategy is core based, no leverage, cost efficient integrated management, strong focus on sustainability & ESG and transparency and compliance with best practices.

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