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Gatwickstraat 1

1043 GK - Amsterdam


 +31 (0)20 606 56 00

Henk Jagersma

Chief Executive Officer, Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance, Netherlands

Henk has held various positions in the world of real estate. This enables him to inspire different parties to work together.

‘Real estate is still the motor of the economy’


Brief résumé

  • Director of housing association Staedion
  • Director of Finances & Director of Urban Development at the Municipality of The Hague
  • Deputy Director of Finance at the Ministry of Defence
  • Spokesperson for the Minister of Finance
  • Municipal council member in Den Bosch and political assistant in the House of Representatives for the Labour Party
  • Studied international economics at Tilburg University

Socially relevant
‘It is essential for me to do work that is socially relevant. At Syntrus Achmea I can help pension funds achieve their goals. And I can combine this with my interest for real estate, which is still the motor of the economy. I find it fascinating to see how a country or city develops and how you can anticipate the changes by means of contemporary real estate.’

‘I have engaged with social and commercial issues in a number of guises: on behalf of the state government, at a housing association and in the private sector. As a result I can empathise well with the questions and problems that the different parties face. This seems to me an important condition to finding solutions together.’

What kind of pension do you wish for your children?
‘I wish for them to be able to continue working for as long as they want to. My father still works as well. Things are becoming more difficult physically, but he is still writing books. You can’t wish for anything better. I believe that everyone should be free to choose his or her own moment of retirement. Besides that I wish for my children a stable income that will allow them to live comfortably, without privation.’

Amsterdam, NL

Jun 04

Netherlands Investment Briefing

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