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50, Blagodatnaya str.,

196105 - St.Petersburg


 +7 (812) 336 37 77

Dmitry Kostygin

Chairman of the Board, Ulmart, Russia

Dmitry is a Chairman of the Board of Ulmart. In the early 1990’s, Dmitry became an active entrepreneur and with his partners, he founded an advertising agency, jeans shopping net and a sport’s nutrition store. In 1995, Dmitry began a partnership with friends and founded a financial services and consulting company called “Dealmakers”. The most famous of his investment success stories was when he became a minority-owner in the national chain of hypermarkets known as Lenta. Today, Lenta is one of the leading Russian food retailers In 2010, Dmitry Kostygin made his initial investment in Ulmart. In 2013, his share of company increased to 60%.

Professional Experience

Dmitry has over 20 years experience in  Russian retail and e-retail. He concentrated his efforts on private investments at 2007.

Dmitry has invested in different sectors of retail and achieved a big success in food retail. Several year later he focused at the most potential and fast-growing sector of retail – e-commerce. Now Dmitry in concert with Ulmart develops a new generation of wholesale and retail (B2B and B2C) parks. This is absolutely innovative project  which transforms the concept of retail park itself.

Presentations and TV Report

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