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Am Sandtorkai 41

D-20457 - Hamburg


 +49 (0) 40 36 80 30

Daniel Ajzensztejn

Partner, Taylor Wessing, Germany

Daniel Ajzensztejn advises domestic and foreign investors, financial institutions and corporations on all aspects of real estate law, especially with respect to large scale real estate transactions and complex financing structures. His legal practice focuses in particular on the exectuion of larger portfolio acquisition transactions, especially the active asset management of business and residential properties including properties in crisis and in that respect particularly commercial property and rental law, contractual law and aspects of public building and planning law. Examples of his legal practice are advising Igal Ahouvi on the acquisition of a part of the Millenium-Portfolio, Parkwood Asset Management on the acquisition of a mixed commercial and logistics portfolio as well as Rowan and AFI Group on the acquisition of a mixed portfolio in both cases. He also has been advising Parkwood, Rowan and AFI Group on the subsequent asset management.   Daniel Ajzensztejin joined Taylor Wessng Hamburg in 1996 and has become partner in the year 1998.

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