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Friedrichstrasse 25

65185 - Wiesbaden


 +49 611 710 54454

Axel Drwenski

Head of Research, Commerz Real AG, Germany

Axel Drwenski is the Head of Real Estate Research & Strategy at Commerz Real in Wiesbaden. He is responsible for developing and delivering proprietary research products for various real estate investment vehicles. Apart from location studies he also develops fund strategies, helps develop new products and supports ongoing marketing and capital raising efforts. Axel joined Commerz Real in 2006, following almost seven years as an analyst for the European Research team at Jones Lang LaSalle. Prior to his position he was working as a consultant for the German Red Cross, providing advise to reorganize the rescue services of various administrative district in Germany.

Axel is lecture at the European Business School (ebs) and the University of Applied Science Wiesbaden. He owns a degree in Geography.

Presentations and TV Report
Frankfurt am Main, DE

Nov 28

Outlook 2018: Europe & Germany Investment Briefing

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