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Vincent Gollain

Chief Economic Development Officer, L’Institut Paris Region, France

Vincent GOLLAIN, PhD (University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne), is 53 years old. He is a recognized professional of Place Marketing & Place Branding. He published in March 2017 a complete guide about Place Marketing & Branding and recently several articles about Client Pathway, marketing or attractiveness. He regularly advises policy makers and elected people in the different fields of marketing: tourism, business, commercial, downtown, innovation districts, airport areas, etc. He lectures in France and abroad. He is used to giving place marketing training to professionals. He has created in July 2007, the most popular French Website about this topic: and has published more than 1,300 articles in 10 years.

Vincent Gollain is also the Chief Economic Development Officer of L’Institut Paris Region (, a non-profit organization for Better Living Cities based in Paris, France where he heads the Economic Department, a team of 20 people. He published several articles about the Greater Paris; the Economic competitiveness of the Paris Region; and the role of airports and ports to foster economic development. He advises policy makers (Amiens, Atlanta – USA, Cantons de l’Est – Québec, Paris Region, Tangier – Morocco, Versailles, …) to foster attractiveness by using place marketing and place branding. He gives more than 20 presentations per year in both French and English.

Previously, between 2002 and 2014, he was a member of the steering committee of Paris Region Economic Development Agency. During this period, he was involved in major projects such as the creations of Cap Digital Competitiveness Cluster and Hubstart Paris Region Marketing Alliance, Econovista economic map or the Paris Region Attractiveness Strategy.

His professional interests are: attractiveness & marketing of cities and regions, tourism, urban and regional economic development; governance and project management of local policies, geography of innovation; airports areas; economic development strategies.

Recent English bibliography:

Batat W. and Gollain V. (2019), “Territorial well-being at the heart of experiential strategies”, Note Rapide, No 21, 4 pages, IAU Ile-de-France. Available in October 2019.

Gollain V. (2018), “Marketing and branding of Sustainable airport areas” in “Sustainable Airport Areas: Guidelines for decision makers”, Metropolis Association – IAU, Pages 91-107. Available:

Gollain V., Queige L. and Tillet M. (2018), “How to enhance tourist attractiveness by using the Client Pathway method?”, Note Rapide, No 20, 4 pages, IAU Ile-de-France. Available:

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