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Thomas Demmel

Chief Executive Officer, Bton Holding GmbH, Germany

Thomas Demmel has a diverse background that spans law, agriculture, real estate, and sustainable technology. After graduating from high school in Braunschweig, Thomas rebuilt the former family farms in Saxony-Anhalt during his apprenticeship, then studied law and agriculture in Kiel.

He went on to join the Hanseatic Bar Association and worked as a partner in various international law firms, specializing in corporate, M&A, and real estate law.

10 years ago, Thomas decided to pursue his passion for sustainable technologies and formed platforms with different partners and experts, including real estate project development and technologies, all with the goal of contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He invested in Bton, a company that produces concrete without emissions, and took over as CEO three years ago.

Thomas’s background in law and strategy consulting, combined with his passion for disruptive technologies, has led to his involvement in multiple investments and senior management roles at companies such as B-ton/Glasmit, Tectonics/CapRate, BTG, WeatherTec and SDG Solutions. He has worked with founding teams and industry experts to create platforms and companies that aim to save/sequester millions of tons of CO2, disrupt the precast concrete and lightweight aggregate and block (AAC) industry. He is also passionate about sustainable real estate development and believes that affordable, climate-friendly housing, building, and district solutions are essential for the future of our planet.