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Ryuhei Mori

Head of Global Marketing Department, XYMAX Corporation, Japan

Mr. Mori joined XYMAX Corporation in 2000 where he started his career as a property asset manager. From 2001, Mr. Mori spent 11 years with the Corporate Planning Department, including 6 years as a department manager, where he was responsible for new business planning, founding 30 subsidiaries, public relations, and assistance for corporate executives. After 2 years examining the global market, Mr. Mori was responsible for founding the Global Marketing Department. From October 2012, he took the role of Head of Global Marketing Department.

Ryuhei holds a Master of Art (Medieval History) degree from University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Presentations and TV Report

JAPAN Investment Briefing

JAPAN Investment Briefing

JAPAN Investment Briefing

London, JB

Nov 13

JAPAN Investment Briefing

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