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Mark Frequin

Director-General for Housing and Building, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Netherlands

The Directorate-General for Housing and Building (WB) is part of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations in the Netherlands and aims to make it possible for all people of the Netherlands to live with a proper roof over their heads, in a pleasant neighbourhood and in a society where everyone can participate and express their individuality. WB’s mandate covers a broad policy area, including everything from housing construction and rental to population decline and urban renewal. WB works to improve both the physical and the social living environment. The fact that its task is so broad is what makes it possible to effectively couple together the government’s spatial/economic and social agendas.

Mark is director-general in the Ministry of the Interior (now for 4 years). Responsible for the policies on housing, building and cities/neighbourhoods.

Before this Mark was director-general in the Ministry of Housing, Environment and Planning (responsible for housing, neighbourhoods and integration), director-general in the Ministry of Economic Affairs (responsible for energy policy), director-general in the ministry of Transport and Water (responsible for telecom and postl), deputy secretary general in the ministry of Justice and director for among others primary education and for strategy in the ministry of Education.

“For more than 30 years I have worked in/for the government. My heart  lies in /by the government. Having a good government is very important to me. I try to deliver my share to the improvement of the government”

Amsterdam, NL

Jun 02

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