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Piazza Umberto I, 8

07024 - La Maddalena (OT)


 +39 0789.73717

Luca Carlo Montella

Owner, Italy

Owner of two lawfirms in La Maddalena and Sassari, he has worked extensively in the criminal law field, grappling with esteemed results for serious bloodshed and serious crimes contemplated by the penal code.
During his work he also followed several lawsuits concerning the application of the navigation code.

He followed lawsuits for urban, environmental, landscape and juvenile Crimes, subjects for which he was also a speaker in special conferences. In sports, he has participated in regional, national, European and world sailing competitions, obtaining national, regional and podium titles in Europe. Still in the sports field, along with the crew members of Botta Dritta, he won the fifth edition of the Panathlon Sardinia 1999 prize for fair play.

Cannes, FR

Mar 14

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