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Julie Alexander

Director of Technology, Innovation and Environment , Places for People, United Kingdom

Julie is Director of Technology and Innovation at Places for People, one the UK’s largest housing developers.

Julie’s objectives are to drive innovation across the placemaking activities of the organisation, identifying new technology and new business models that will create a step change in the property industry and across the entire value chain.

Part of this role is to incorporate technology into existing assets to optimise their performance, and to significantly improve customer experience. Driving the use of digital twins from design and planning on to asset management, through to identifying smart technology for the elimination of social isolation, illustrates the broad range of opportunities for proptech and placetech, for which Julie has responsibility.

Following on from her recent role at Siemens as global lead for Smart Cities, Julie seeks to now bridge the gap between the technology supply chain and the developers whose role it is to adopt and manage these systems and to seek wider adoption of innovative technology in the delivery of ‘places’.

Julie is a member of the Smart London Board and is Chair of the Managing Board of UKCRIC, the UK’s leading urban infrastructure research community.

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