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- London

United Kingdom

Jonny Rosenblatt

co-CEO, Spacemade, United Kingdom

Jonny has been at the forefront of the shift towards flexibility in the office market for nearly 10 years, having founded Headspace Group in 2012. He grew the product and brand into an industry recognised market leader, before successfully exiting in 2017. He realised that the established flexible operator leasehold model was only the very beginning of the movement towards landlords providing agile space, services and solutions. At the end 2019, together with co-CEO Dan Silverman, he launched Spacemade, a first-of-its-kind consultancy and operational partner for building owners who want to offer a bespoke flexible workspace offer directly to their customers. Spacemade already has six buildings under operation, representing 100,000 sq ft of flexible office space in London, Leeds and Bristol.

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Jul 09

The Future of Office Briefing

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