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Claudio Coello, 28, 1A

28001 - Madrid


 +34 091 377 6803

Archer Bishop

Senior Vice President, Investment Manager at Round Hill Capital, Round Hill Capital, Spain

Prior to joining Round Hill in 2012, Archer Bishop managed luxury real estate development projects for Eleven Experience in the US and a private client in Argentina. Tasks included construction and overall project management and tax efficient equity financing and structuring. He had previous experience performing pre-disposition environmental investigations in Alaska and Japan for the Army Core of Engineers and the National Guard. From the late 1990s through early 2000s, Archer held a variety of directorships for San Francisco / Silicone Valley companies where he raised and deployed capital across several technology startups while acting under a variety of executive positions to incubate innovative ideas into viable business models. His work at Round Hill Capital continues to focus in the development sector primarily in the London and Southeast England markets as well as luxury development projects in the US and around the globe. Archer’s global focus is on the small to large scale residential, hotel and resort projects. Archer graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1993 with a BS in chemical engineering and completed a Masters in Business Administration in 2003 from Alaska Pacific University and Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

Presentations and TV Report
Madrid, ES

Dec 14

Outlook 2017: Europe & Southern Europe

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