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Stef Blok

Minister for Housing and the Central Government Sector, Government of the Netherlands, Netherlands

Stef Blok began his career as a trainee at the Société Générale in Paris (1987-1988) and as a management trainee at ABN AMRO (1988-1989). Before being elected to the House of Representatives in 1998, he held various positions at the latter bank: from 1989 to 1991 he was director of their office in Nieuwkoop. In 1992 he became a senior policy officer for lending operations and then a credit analyst/executive secretary for the bank’s Policy Group Risk Committee. From 1996 to 1998 he was vice president for corporate banking.

From 25 August 1998 to 23 May 2002 and from 3 September 2002 to his present appointment as minister, Mr Blok was a member of the House of Representatives for the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD). From October 2010 to November 2012 he was also the VVD’s parliamentary party leader. During his time in parliament he dealt mainly with finance, economic affairs, social affairs and public expenditure. From December 2002 to September 2004 he was chair of the temporary parliamentary committee to investigate integration policy.

On 5 November 2012 Stef Blok was appointed Minister for Housing and the Central Government Sector in the Rutte-Asscher gover

‘My most important task is to jump-start the housing market in both the rental and home ownership sectors. By offering certainty, I am working to restore confidence. Certainty that conveyance duty will stay low and certainty about mortgage interest relief. I will tackle distortion on the social housing market so that more people move on to the free market sector, thereby freeing up space for those with a small budget. This is the group that social housing is intended for. They can rest assured that government will keep renting affordable by means of housing benefit. As Minister for the Central Government Sector, I will work to ensure that government is smaller and more efficient, so we can achieve maximum results for individuals and companies with a minimum of resources.’

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