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Gustav Mahlerplein 3

1082 MS  - Amsterdam

The Netherlands

 +31 20 604 82 57

Martijn Vos

Senior Portfolio Manager Real Estate, APG All Pensions Group, The Netherlands

Martijn Vos is, since 2011, Senior Portfolio Manager for European Real Estate Investments at APG Asset Management.
Martijn joined APG (then ABP) in 2005, as analyst in the European and Asia-Pacific Real Estate team. From 2008, as Portfolio Manager, Martijn focused on sourcing, underwriting and managing of Real Estate funds and other Real Estate vehicles for APG’s European Real Estate investments.
Martijn started his career in 2004 at the Holding Company of Bouwfonds as analyst in the financial/strategic department.

Martijn studied Financial Economics Management (part of Business Economics) at Tilburg University and wrote his thesis on Real Estate indices for FGH Bank.

Presentations and TV Report
Amsterdam, NL

Jun 04

UK Investment Briefing

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