Taking You Beyond the Headlines

Real Asset Media is the leading platform for international investors in real assets. The platform was launched in January 2019 to share market insight, thought leadership, strategy and research with a global audience of senior leaders in the real estate and real asset markets. 


Creating & Sharing Unique Content

We create and share high quality content with our global audience. Real Asset Media doesn’t just follow the news flow, it creates and shares unique content across multiple channels including live events, TV, podcasts, online, digital and print. This means that you can access unique market insight, research and strategy in the way that best suits you.


Global Reach

As the leading platform focused on real assets, our readers, viewers, listeners and subscribers include the Top 250 sources of global capital and are key figures in their domestic and international markets. In addition to the coverage of industry and market news, our subscribers benefit from unique market insight taking them beyond the headlines to focus on the insights and strategies driving real asset investment markets. As well as our premium content we work closely with you and leading industry partners to create content that is open and free to share across social media platforms without pay walls or barriers. Helping to boost transparency, share investment insights and help your content reach the widest possible global audience.



The Real Asset Day

Launched in January 2019, the Real Asset Day gives you the insights, strategies, research and thought leadership from across the Real Asset Media platform as well the opportunity to create your own personal newsfeed from respected sources around the world every morning – wherever you are in the world. Get the latest insights, video interviews and all your favourite news sources in one easy, efficient email.

Real Asset INSIGHT

Launched at MIPIM, in March 2019, Real Asset INSIGHT is the leading magazine sharing thought leadership, research and strategy. Available in online, digital and print formats, each of the six issues per year, looks beyond the headlines to focus on the insights and strategies driving the real asset investment markets.

Real Asset IMPACT

Launched in October 2021, Real Asset IMPACT is the first publication dedicated to ESG, purpose-driven investment and social impact strategies in the built environment. With a focus on strategy, policy, research, analysis of the key trends, global best practice and new initiatives in the market, the quarterly journal and event series keeps you updated on this critically important area for your business.

Living Retail

Launched in 2019, Living Retail is available online and in print. The bi-annual publication shares industry insights, thought leadership and new research on all aspects of the retail, leisure, food and beverage markets from the consumer trends, through the brands, the owners and asset managers of retail real estate and the investment capital strategies. Retail at the heart of living, mixed-use, place-making and creating destinations.